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Darrow led an anti-corrupt color-coded culture movement for a decade. Now, banned by the very Republic he created, he is fighting a guerrilla war on Mercury in hopes he will still be able to save Eo’s vision. But as he leaves in his wake death and destruction, is he still the hero that has broken the chains? Or is another myth going to rise and take its place?

The heir in exile, Lysander au Lune, has returned to the Capital. Determined at the edge of his sword to bring peace back to humanity, he must conquer and unite the Core’s ruthless Gold families and confront Darrow over the war-torn Mercury’s skies. 

But not the only dangling fates in the balance are theirs.

On Luna, the Republic’s Sovereign, Mustang, campaigns behind her husband to unite the Republic. Could she outwit her critics in time to save him, beset by political and criminal enemies? 

Once a Red exile, young Lyria is now accused of treason, and her only chance of unlikely new allies is a desperate escape. 

The children of Darrow and Sevro, kidnapped by a new threat to the Republic, must trust in Ephraim, a thief, for their salvation-and Ephraim must look to them for his chance of redemption.

When alliances change, split, and re-form–and control is captured, lost, and regained–the player is at risk in a conquest game that might turn the Rising into a new Dark Age.