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“Comedian Trevor Noah’s tales of living up in South Africa are lively, sometimes harrowing, and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. The video reward is that viewers get to know Noah say these tales in his South African-accented English, as well as watch him speak snippets of multiple other South African dialects…. Noah’s narrative offers perspectives and intimacy, and as he gives speech to his mom… That extends to his core if you speak to him in his english.’ He was so correct. When you try to talk the language of someone else, even if it’s just fundamental sentences here and there, you say to them,’ I know you have a culture and identity that lies beyond me. I see you as a natural being.” (Trevor Noah) Adjusted to the strength of english at an early era–as a means of recognition and impact in a nation separated, then fragmented into communities at odds with each other–Noah’s pure, private trip becomes something new in video: a real tribute to the strength of narration.