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Future-proof your career and optimize your competitive advantage by learning the skills needed to stay relevant, reinvent yourself, and adapt to whatever the workplace throws your way in this critical guide that goes beyond the insights of popular works such as Extreme Productivity, Deep Work, Peak, and Make It Stick.

Faced with turbulent economic times and rapid technological change, a lifelong mastery of new ideas, subjects and skills relies on continuous learning to stay ahead in your career. You need to become an ultralearner if you want to do more and stand apart from everyone else. 

Scott Young combines the latest research into the most effective methods of training and the experiences of other ultralearners like himself— including Ben Franklin, Judit Polgar, and Richard Feynman, as well as a host of others like unknown modern polymaths like Nigel Richards who won the French Scrabble World Championship — without understanding French.

Young records the approaches used by him and others and demonstrates that, far from being an obscure ability restricted to militant autodidacts, ultralearning is a powerful tool that can be used by anyone to boost their careers, studies and lives. Ultralearning discusses this fascinating subculture, outlines the seven principles behind every effective ultralearning venture, and offers insights into how you can coordinate and execute a plan to learn something deeply and effectively, without teachers or expensive tuition.

Whether the goal is to be fluent in a language (or 10 languages), receive a college degree equivalent in a fraction of the time, or master several skills to create a product or company from the ground up, Ultralearning concepts can guide you towards success.