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Imagine a universe in which almost everyone grows up encouraged to go to job, gets confident and appreciated throughout the day, and then goes to sensation satisfied at home. This is not an idealized, insane concept. Today, excellent rulers generate contexts in many effective organisations where individuals obviously operate together to do notable stuff.

Simon Sinek discovered that some managers support each other so deeply in his job with organisations around the globe that they would literally set their life on the track for each other. Other squads are bound to infighting, fracture and inability, regardless of what rewards are provided. Why?

During a discussion with a particular Marine Corps, the solution became apparent. “Last consume of officers,” he said. Sinek did the young marines drank first while the senior marines were at the rear of the row. What is symbolic in the chow hall on the battlefield is deadly serious: Great leaders sacrifice their own comfort-even their own survival-for the benefit of those in their care.

Cynicism, anxiety, and self-interest drive too many workplaces. But the finest fosters confidence and collaboration because their rulers are building what Sinek calls a “safety circle” that distinguishes safety inside the squad from outside problems.

Sinek shows his thoughts with truly intriguing tales ranging from army to big business, from govt to investment banking.