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“I think we can alter the universe. But first, we must avoid residing in danger of being assessed for who we are.” Rachel Hollis has seen it all too often: females are not functioning to the maximum. They sense a tugging for something more on their souls, but they fear shame, dropping shy of perfection, being insufficient.

Rachel Hollis looks a wake-up call in Girl, Stop Apologizing, the number one best-selling author and creator of a multimillion-dollar media company in the New York Times. She understands that many females were instructed to describe themselves in the context of others-whether as a spouse, mom, kid, or worker-rather than teaching how to own who they are and what they want. Hollis defines the reasons to let go of, the habits to embrace, and the abilities to obtain on the road to development, trust, and self-belief, with a goal for females everywhere to prevent speaking out of their aspirations. 

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