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Kendra leaves Wyrmroost’s timberland dragon sanctuary in the third book of the Dragonwatch series and journeys to the other side of the world to save a new and underwater dragon that teeters on the verge of being overthrown in the ongoing international dragon rebellion. 

The dragons have formally declared war on anyone who stands in the way of liberty and power without restriction. Celebrant, the Dragon King, comes closer to his target of world domination with every dragon sanctuary that falls. No single mortal or creature will be able to stop Celebrant. To achieve her goal to foil Celebrant, Kendra will need to raise an army of friends and allies because her brother Seth and her closest ally, Bracken, are absent.

Seth’s memories of his life-his friendships, encounters, and who he really is-are gone, tainted by the Key of Forgetting. For now he’s going to align with his new mentor, Ronodin, the Dark Unicorn, who guides him to the Phantom Island, the Underworld’s underground portal. Although not officially a hostage, Ronodin, who tries to use him and his powerful Shadow Charmer powers for his own dark ends, strongly influences Seth.

During the dragon rebellion, Seth and Kendra braved the Fairy Queen, defeated the Demon King, and escaped the Dragon King. Now alone, Seth is going to face a new dark foe: the Underking-the lord of the undead: the zombies, skeletons, and angry wraiths who serve their dark master tirelessly. He will find himself in chains with the Underking and will be forced to perform his sinister tasks.

Bracken, who appears to be a unicorn, the son of the Fairy Queen, and a former friend of Seth, is also on the Phantom Isle, but imprisoned. Bracken and Kendra are trying to remind Seth of his experience, but he is not sure who to believe, unable to access his memories. For now, in helping Ronodin create chaos, he will use his newly discovered magical abilities, which could be a game changer.

Dragonwatch: Master of the Phantom Isle, listeners travel to a ghost island, a mermaid city, and a dangerous archipelago in this new fantasy adventure as they meet new fantastic characters and reintroduce themselves to old Fablehaven mates. Who will achieve the supreme advantage of winning the epic dragon war as power shifts back and forth from the powers of light and dark?