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Number one New York Times best-selling author Sandra Brown in this psychological thriller about the hunt of an FBI agent for a cynical conman turned serial killer combines heart-stopping suspense and forbidden love.

The new novel will feature Brown’s trademark mix of steamy romance and jaw-dropping plot twists in order to keep listeners on the edges of their seats.

Drex Easton, an FBI agent, is relentlessly motivated by a single goal: to outmaneuver the Weston Graham con man. Weston has adopted various identities and countless disguises over the past 30 years, allowing him to lure eight wealthy women out of their riches until they disappeared without a trace, their families left without answers, and the authorities left without clues. The only common trait among the victims: a new man who also disappeared in their lives, leaving behind no evidence of his existence… except for one practice of signing.

 Drex becomes persuaded that these women have been assassinated and that the real sociopath is the man he knows as Weston Graham. Yet Weston trades one man for another each time Drex gets close to catching him and disappears again. Now, Drex has a suspect in sight for the first time in their long cat and mouse game.

Attractive and friendly, his junior, Talia Shafer, has recently been married to a wealthy businesswoman for many years. Drex is insinuating himself into their lives, posing as a new neighbor and setting up house surveillance. The closer he gets to the pair, the more he is persuaded that Jasper is the sly, ruthless predator he’s been looking for–and that his own attraction to Talia threatens to undermine his intent and honesty.

This is Drex’s one chance to exaggerate his manipulative nemesis before he murders again and forever eludes justice. But he must first decide whether the attractive Talia is a heartless accomplice… or the next victim.