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Notwithstanding his age, the world’s horrors are clear to Declan Idrys. He knows the bastards and brigands that haunt the lands of the King, the creatures that skull in the realm’s wooded depths. Together with his friend, Ryn, a beast of rather peculiar talent, spent the last decade of his life under the bloody flags of half a dozen mercenary guilds, hunting within the walls of Viridian precisely such festering wickedness.

Sadly, fate is quickly pulling its favorite children ‘ leash. As one particularly troubling contract goes side-by-side, Declan and Ryn find themselves pushed into a long-ended, war-thought myth, a fight so ancient is synonymous with a time as dragons still dominated the western sky. Now, as dead men rise from their graves and the northern ranges ‘ terrible beasts descend into the kingdom with an appetite for savagery and blood, Declan faces a profane selection. He can transform, he can escape an ancient rising horror that would see the remaining realms of man as fractured death and wind-blown ash.

Alternatively, Declan can face this rising threat, get to grips with the fact that his oldest friend might just be more than he appears to be, and learn to exert all of his own an ageless strength.

After all, decades pass, but Kings ‘ Blood is not fading….