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It’s been a simple rhyme, a Riverlands honeymoon folk blessing, Minalan’s house.

Seven mead bottles for sharing.

For seven or more days.

Each cup is a toast, each cup is a wish.

Binding their lives forever: a bottle for pleasure first, a bottle for nutrition afterwards.

A bottle for peace, a bottle for riches next.

A bottle snacked for peace, the need balance.

A savory bottle of pure desire that adds a spark to the relationship!

A last bottle of love to last for as long as life lasts, reserved for those who toast their love after five full years!

But those seven mead bottles were more than just a gift from the people. As Lord Minalan the Spellmonger started his honeymoon with his very pregnant bride on a decadent river barge, he had no idea that the opportunity would be more complicated than dining, drinking, and making love on the agenda. But a frenzied message from one of the Tree Folk suggesting that he and Alya may be in danger compels him to leave the lazy resting place and fly to a distant ruin to speak to a probably mad Alka Alon mage-Lilastien, Sartha Wood’s Sorceress. After river pirates, goblins, and the sheer difficulty of adapting to married life, it may be more than he, his wife, and his relationship can handle the answers to the questions he has for her.

Come and see how seven bottles of mead and a pregnant bride could turn a holiday jaunt into a potential disaster of interspecies!