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From Everything I Never Told You’s best-selling writer, a riveting book that explores the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson household and the enigmatic mom and girl updating their life. 

Everything is designed in Shaker Heights, Cleveland’s placid, modern neighborhood-from the design of the winding roads to the colours of the buildings to the prosperous life that its inhabitants will guide. And no one more embodies this mood than Elena Richardson, whose rule-playing guiding principle. 

Enter Mia Warren, an enigmatic artist and single mother, who with her adolescent sister, Pearl, comes in this idyllic bubble and leases a Richardson home. Soon Mia and Pearl will become more than residents-the mother-daughter couple will draw all four Richardson kids. But Mia has a secret history with her and a neglect for the status quo that continues to upend this closely arranged society. 

When the Richardsons ‘ ancient household mates try to embrace a Chinese American child, a fight of prison erupts that dramatically splits the city-and places Mia and Elena on opposite fronts. Mia and her intentions are suspicious, Elena is determined to uncover the truths in the background of Mia. But at unpredictable and destructive expenses, her fascination will arrive. 

Little Fires Everywhere investigates the weight of mysteries, the essence of architecture and identification, and the fierce hold of motherhood–and the risk of thinking that catastrophe can be prevented by pursuing the laws.