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Deputy Shelby Lake was deserted as a child, rescued in the freezing winter by a foreigner who discovered her. A youthful kid is lost now, years ago-and Shelby is the one who has to protect a kid. 

A bicycle remaining behind on a secluded highway is the only proof of what occurred to 10-year-old Jeremiah Sloan. After a desperate search continues to find him, under the weight of allegations and distrust, the near bonds of Shelby’s birthplace start to flourish. All around her keep mysteries. Her maternal dad, her greatest mate, the teenage girl of her greatest buddy-they all have something to conceal. Even Shelby conceals an error that could put her career and her future at risk. 

Unraveling the people’s sins in the lives of Jeremiah does not bring the police and the FBI any nearer to discovering him. As moment goes by and the situation gets chilly, Shelby concerns that under the profound, profound rain the mystery will remain hidden indefinitely. But in the autumn, even the biggest snow melts. 

Shelby must face the deepest truth of all when a tempting answer lastly goes to light. It will keep no one’s lives intact by exposing the reality about Jeremiah-including her own.