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Imagine that after his suicide, your spouse gave you a mail to be closed. Imagine, too, that the post includes its strongest, darkest part-something that has the ability to ruin not only the life you have constructed together, but also the lives of others. Then imagine you’re stumbling across that post while your boyfriend is still alive.

Cecilia Fitzpatrick has accomplished it all-she is an extremely effective businesswoman, a tiny community pillar, and a dedicated spouse and mom. Her lives, like her house, is as tidy and spotless. But that note is about to alter everything, not just for her: Rachel and Tess scarcely understand Cecilia-or each other-but they too are about to experience the terrestrial repercussions of the mystery of her husband.

Acclaimed author Liane Moriarty wrote a fascinating, thought-provoking book about how well our spouses-and eventually ourselves-can really be known.