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Take Control of Your Life Audiobook

Happiness Self-Help

by Mel Robbins
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


Mel Robbins’ return! The Five Second Rule and Kick Ass with Mel Robbins yields to the global bestselling legend and founder to assist you address the single greatest hurdle you encounter: dread. This life-changing Audible Original offers a strong combination of one-on-one life-coaching meetings as well as a personal narrative with essential take-aways that you can immediately begin using. 

Mel Robbins expertly addresses with humor and wisdom the dread of transition, dismissal, and being alone, as well as the impressive syndrome and sense stuck in the incorrect profession. Each meeting is a research goldmine as Mel leads you in finding your objective, improving your interactions, and eventually taking command of your lives. It’s simple to feel overshadowed in these moments of high anxiety-that’s changing right now. This is a must-listen if you want the instruments to run loose of worry and reside to your full capacity.