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Four brothers encounter a summer’s drama, intrigue, and upheaval as everything altered in the first historical novel by New York Times best-selling author Elin Hilderbrand.

Welcome to the 20th century’s most tumultuous winter. It’s 1969, and the moments they’re a-changing for the Levin household. The kids stared forward to having the weekend at the ancient house of their grandmother in downtown Nantucket each year. But nothing is the same as so much else in America: Blair, the eldest brother, is in Boston marooned, married with twins and unable to move. Caught in the exciting vortex of civil rights demonstrations and determined to be autonomous, middle sister Kirby gets a weekend internship at Martha’s Vineyard. Only-son Tiger is a soldier of the infantry who was assigned to Vietnam lately. Jessie, 13, abruptly looks like a single kid, marooned at home with her out – of-touch grandma and her worried mom, each concealed a troubling mystery. As the summer heats up, Ted Kennedy sinks a car in Chappaquiddick, man flies to the moon, and together with the rest of the country, Jessie and her family experience their own dramatic upheavals. 

Elin Hilderbrand again earns her title as the queen of the summer novel in her first historical novel, rich with the details of an era that shaped both a nation and an island 30 miles off the sea.