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Sameerixis, or Sam, is not what you would call normal for those who actually know him. 

He’s a kind of door-to-door salesman. One who commutes goods, wishes and whims to anyone who wants to pay his rates. 

Prices that usually involve a couple of years of your life, perhaps a handful of days, or a night of fun that will cost a couple of hours. 

He’s a problem-solving incubus. Mental, psychological, financial, religious, and anything in between. Sam can provide a response and respond. 

A one-man operation and supplier of services. 

Or it was he. When he had a job at his fingertips. 

Unfortunately, because of the simple fact that an old business partner has imprisoned him against his will, he has been unable to work for quite a while. 

Something has changed but. 

A door has opened on it, a way back to the flights. It’s not what he expected on the other hand, nor what he feared. 

Sam made the choice to go back and re-start his company. From the bottom up. He will make that leap over and into another plane in just a second. 

Little does he know that he will move directly from the known, to the unknown, then to the inadvisable with that first leap.