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The unpologetic, laugh-your-ass-off military memoirs were waiting for both vets and civilians, from a five-tour Army Ranger turned YouTube phenomenon and zealous advocate for veterans Members of the special operations branches of the military share a closely guarded secret: they love their jobs. They enjoy the chance to battle. They’re grateful for it, even, and optimistic that they might, potentially, get a lot of poor boys killed while they’re at it. You don’t simply have to reward them for their assistance-it’s all their joy.

Together with former Army Ranger and private military contractor and present social media personality Mat Best, readers run shotgun in this fun and personal memoir into the event and its wake, both overseas and at school. From surviving a skin infection in America’s swampy armpit (aka Columbus, Georgia) to kicking down doors in the outskirts of Ramadi, from blowing up a truck full of enemy fighters to witnessing the effects of suicide bombing right in front of your face, Thank You for My Service gives listeners who love America and love good guys fresh insight into what it really is like inside the mind.

It’s also a sobering yet steady glimpse of lives for soldiers after the end of the battle, when the adversary becomes self-doubt or desperation, and you start wondering why anyone, least of all your work, should thank you for anything. When something you enjoy transforms you into someone you dislike, how do you avoid working? Thank You for My Service will give consolation for soldiers and their family and relatives in the shape of a million chuckles and advice as a blueprint for what to do after the end of the conflict and the true struggle starts.

And for civilians, this is the insider account you won’t find anywhere else, told with the same amount of heart and balls. It’s Deadpool finds Captain America, except that one comes to business school and one comes to treatment, and that’s the perception of anyone.