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Patricia Cornwell, international bestselling author, offers pulse-pounding thrills in a series featuring a brilliant and extraordinary new protagonist, cutting-edge digital technology, and astronomically high stakes.

Captain Calli Chase discovers a tripped warning in the tunnels deep beneath a NASA research center on the eve of a top secret space mission. A NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and investigator of cybercrime, Calli knows that the ideal excuse for hacking could be created by a pending blizzard and government shutdown, with deadly consequences. 

The risk is worse than she thought, as it turns out. A dried blood spatter, a missing security key, a suspected suicide-a set of troubling signs point to the twin sister of Calli, Carme, who has been MIA for days.

Captain Chase, desperate to stop the countdown to catastrophe and clear the name of her daughter, digs deep into her vast knowledge of cyber security and her traumatic history, seeking answers to the erratic behavior of her twin. He knows that failure means disaster as time runs out-not just for the space program, but for the security of the country as a whole.