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Two U.S. Navy SEAL commanders who guided Iraq War’s extremely honored special operations unit show how to bring strong management values from the fight to company and lives in this revised version of the best-selling blockbuster management manual that carried America and the globe by tempest.

Combat, imaginable as the most intense and vibrant setting, tells the toughest courses of management, with totally all at risk. On Iraq’s most brutal and harmful fighting, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin discovered this truth first hand. As members of SEAL Team Three’s Bruiser Task Unit, their task was one of many unlikely thoughts: helping U.S. troops protect Ramadi, a brutal, insurgent-held town considered “all but wasted.” They discovered that management–at all levels–is the most significant consideration in whether a squad wins or loses. 

Willink and Babin back from assignment and set up SEAL management instruction to carry on their tough classes gained in fighting to assist forge the next century of SEAL rulers. They introduced a business, Echelon Front, after abandoning the SEAL Teams to explain those same management values to politicians across the military industry in businesses, businesses, and organisations. Since then, they have taught numerous representatives and collaborated with hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and globally in nearly every sector, learning them how to create their own high-performance teams and leading those squads to dominate their battlefields most efficiently. 

Extreme Ownership has revolutionized leadership development since its launch in October 2015 and has created a fresh norm for literature on the topic. Required learning for many of the most effective organisations, this has become an essential component of formal management preparation programs for results of company groups, army forces, and first responders. Extreme Ownership shows how to submit them to any squad or organisation in any management setting, detailing the mindset and values that allow SEAL officers to achieve the most challenging fighting missions. Extreme Ownership is a convincing narrative with strong guidance and immediate application, challenging politicians everywhere to achieve their supreme goal: guide and victory.