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Ready to turn your passion into the life you’re living? The World Has Your Back’s number one best-selling New York Times author shows you why. 

Gabrielle Bernstein sets out the necessary ways to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams in Super Attractor. 

The book is a reminder journey where the real power lies. You’re going to learn how to co-create your future. You’ll accept life can flow, it’s fun to attract, and you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most importantly, you’re going to feel good. And when you feel good, you’re going to give off a cheerful aura that lifts everyone around you. 

Super Attractor is a manifesto to assert your desires with trust. You will learn how to: do less and receive more comfort and trust that what you want is on the way to know that divine encouragement is always accessible to you. Experience a sense of awe every day as you watch miracles happening Know that you are a Super Attractor will change everything. You will trust the release of the past is safe, and you will no longer be afraid of the future. You are going to tap into an endless source of wealth, power, happiness, and well-being. This well-being will become the rule for you, and as your birthright, you will learn to accept it. Most importantly, you’re going to know intuitively how to turn up for life and give the world around you more energy.