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Elvis Duran, host of one of the nation’s top morning shows and millions of Americans wake up to the voice, share his wildest experiences and hardest learned lessons with his heart and sincerity signature and plenty of humor.

Elvis Duran’s nationally syndicated radio series, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, is America’s most-attended Top 40 morning show and one of the 10 most-attended radio shows, heard live every morning by nearly 10 million people.

But it didn’t happen overnight with his performance. Elvis spent years exploring the crazy radio landscape as a recruiting, working (and partying) DJ in markets across the country before taking over the morning shift at the iconic Z100 in 1996. Through his show’s exciting mix of music, new artist discovery, interviews, gossip, and live listener interaction, he has become one of New York City’s signature voices (Variety calls him “a permanent fixture of the area’s daily commutes”).

Along the way, Elvis has become known not only for his incisive interviews (and occasional feuds) with the biggest stars in pop music, but also for the dedication of the series to compassion and positivity and the candor and honesty of Elvis to his audience.

Bold, funny, and totally honest, where am I going to start? Anyone listens to Elvis live every morning is sure to be missed-or whoever wants to know what’s really going on behind the pop music machine scenes. It sounds like an old friend telling you a new story to hear that you were dying.