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A unique, insider-based look at Donald Trump’s life from Bill O’Reilly, the Killing series ‘ best-selling writer, focused on exclusive interview content and in-depth research.

Readers and listeners around the world are impressed with the best-selling writer Bill O’Reilly’s Killing series by the reporter and New York Times-riveting nonfiction works that discuss the most famous events in history. Now, O’Reilly turns his razor-sharp comments to his most convincing subject so far-President Donald J. Trump. 

In this fascinating tale, O’Reilly combines key, never-before-released interview content with a context that describes Trump’s upbringing and family and the aspects in his life and career that shaped the outlook that the U.S. president took to the White House. Not a political pro-Trump oranti-Trump novel, it’s an up-to – the-minute, personal view of the man and his sphere of influence—”how Donald Trump’s vision of America was created, and how it has changed since he became the world’s most powerful person”— from an author who has known the president for 30 years. This is a compelling, groundbreaking account of a sitting president’s life as he makes history. “If you want some insight into the most unexpected global phenomena of our lives, you’ll get it here,” the writer will tell you.