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Douglas Murray explores the most divisive issues of the 21st century in his groundbreaking new book The Madness of Crowds: sexuality, gender, technology, and race. He exposes the amazing new civil battles in the interests of social justice, identity politics and’ intersectionality’ in our workplaces, colleges, schools and homes.  

We are living through a postmodern period in which religion and political ideology’s great ideologies have broken. A crusading impulse to right perceived wrongs and an armament of nationalism have arisen in their place, all intensified by the modern forms of social media and news media.

The agenda is now dominated by small sets of interests as society becomes more and more tribal-and, as Murray indicates, the losses are rising.   

Readers of all political persuasions can not afford to ignore the masterfully argued and intensely controversial book of Murray, in which he tries to inject some sense into the debate about the most complicated issues of this century. 

He concludes in an age of mass hysteria with an impassioned appeal for freedom of speech, shared common values and wellbeing.