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Everything began at a dinner party…

A national drama release about a youthful pair and their seemingly sympathetic neighbours-a twisty, lies-riding rollercoaster, deception, and husband-wife mysteries….

Anne and Marco Conti seem to have everything-a loving relationship, a lovely house, and their lovely child, Cora. But one evening, a horrible crime is undertaken when they’re at a supper meeting next gate. Suspicion falls on the family right away. But the reality is a tale that is much more complex. An unsettling view of what effectively occurred is unfolding inside the curtained building.

Detective Rasbach understands something is missing from the panicked pair. Anne and Marco will quickly find that the other keeps confidential, details that they have held for years. What continues is a family’s nerve-racking unraveling-a terrifying story of deception, duplicity, and infidelity that will hold you breathing until the devastating turn is over.