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Amber is supplied up with Patterson. She’s weary of being a nobody: a simple, unseen girl mixing in the backdrop. She needs more – the one blond-haired, blue-eyed deity Daphne Parrish requires for granted a career of money and power.

To everyone in Bishops Harbor’s exclusive city, Connecticut, Daphne — a socialite and philanthropist— and her real-estate mogul boyfriend, Jackson, are a pair directly out of a fantasy story.

The envy of Amber might consume her alive if she had no timetable. Amber utilizes the compassion and care of Daphne to insinuate herself into the lives of the family-the first move to undermine her in a meticulous system. Before lengthy Amber is the nearest confidante of Daphne, moving with the Parrishes and their beautiful teenage sisters to Europe and getting nearer to Jackson. But a skeleton from her background can undermine all that Amber has been working towards, and if it is found, her well-laid scheme may collapse into bits.

The Last Mrs. Parrish is a new, sweet, and completely addictive thriller from a diabolically creative team with startling twists and dark secrets that will leave you wondering until the very end.