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Now a picture of the Major Motion. For a hundred years, the conflict with the Buggers has been fighting and the search for the perfect general has been going on for nearly as long. The outcome of centuries of genetic experimentation, Enter Andrew “Ender” Wiggin.

Is Ender so urgently needed by the particular Earth? The only route to figure out is to put him into Battle School’s ever-higher practice, chip back, discover the diamond inside, or ruin him completely. When Ender Wiggin starts his practice, he is six years young. He’s going to develop quickly.

But Ender isn’t the experiment’s only consequence. His two elderly brothers, Peter and Valentine, are as uncommon as he is, but very distinct from each other. The ability to re-make a globe lies among the three of them. If so, the population will survive.

The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning classic’s special 20th anniversary edition is now digitally remastered with a complete cast manufacturing. It also includes an exclusive prize: Orson Scott Card, an initial postscript published and registered by the author himself!