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The sixth Lisboaeth Salander tale-the event of crime fiction that has shipped over 90 million units globally.

Lisboaeth Salander, the fierce, unstoppable girl with the tattoo of the dragon, is gone.

She purchased her Stockholm apartment. She went electronically mute. Nobody’s asking her where she’s. And no one knows that she finally has her internal foe in her sight, her half brother, Camilla. 

Mikael Blomkvist attempts to get to the town of Lisboa. He needs her help unraveling the identity of a man who lived and died on the streets in Stockholm-a man who doesn’t occur in any formal documents and whose garbled last sentences suggested potentially harmful understanding of individuals at the greatest levels of state and business. A crumpled sheet of document with Blomkvist’s telephone number on it was in his bag. Again, Salander and Blomkvist will return to the assistance of each other, proceeding in tandem to the truths they try each other. 

Ultimately, it will be Blomkvist-in an unimaginable moment of self-sacrifice-who will make it possible for Lisboaeth to face the most important battle of her life and finally put her past to rest.