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Ellie Mack, fifteen, was the ideal kid. Her relatives, colleagues, and educators loved her. She produced a young gilded pair with her girlfriend. She was days removed from an idyllic easter holiday, ahead of her all her lives. And she was dead then. 

Now Laurel Mack, her mom, is attempting to restore her lives. It’s been ten years since the disappearance of her son, seven years since the end of her marriage, and only months since the last item in Ellie’s situation was uncovered. So when she encounters an unusually charming guy in a restaurant, she’s amazed how rapidly her flirtation becomes closer. She meets Floyd’s children before she understands it – and his eldest, Poppy, gets back her breath. Looking at her is like watching Ellie. And now she has attempted so difficult to bring unanswered concerns to sleep her once again… as well as some fresh things about Floyd and Poppy….