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Instant New York Times Best Seller One of the Most Anticipated Autumn Books of Publishers Weekly When you listen to these words, you are being produced copies. Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist and one of the most popular science authors in this world, is rewriting the history of physics of the 20th century. Anything Deeply Hidden, already celebrated as a masterpiece, reveals for the first time that addressing the fundamental mystery of quantum mechanics changes fully what we think about space and time. His unification of quantum mechanics with the relativity theory of Einstein changes, well, everything. The uncomfortable truth has not even been acknowledged by most physicists: since 1927, physics has been in crisis.

Quantum mechanics have always had noticeable holes that have come to be overlooked easily. Science popularizers keep telling us how weird it is, how mysterious it is. Academics prevent students from working on the quantity foundations ‘ “dead end.” Carroll hopes that the crisis can now come to an end, putting his professional reputation on the line with this audacious and entirely reasonable book. We just have to accept that in the world there are more than one of us. Sean Carrolls are many, many. Most of each of us.

It creates copies of you thousands of times a second. The Quantum Behavior Theory of Many Worlds states that every time a quantum event occurs, a planet breaks off with everything in it the same, except that the quantum event did not occur in that other universe. Step by step in Carroll’s beautifully lucid way, until his argument is inescapably made, he addresses the main objections to this otherworldly revelation.

A book never reorganizes so thoroughly what we feel about our place in the universe. We’re on the verge of a new understanding-where we’re in the universe and what we’re made from.