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The prestige of Venus Thibodeaux was trouble. Some people said she began to be born. Shortly after turning 18, when she finally left Sinful, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Four years later, when she came back to town, no one was pleased with her return. She immediately launched into her same old schemes, easefully picking off Sinful residents before vanishing as soon as she would have appeared.  

Many believed that she had moved to New Orleans.  

But when her body is exposed by an accident at the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Run, everything Venus took on a trip becomes a suspect. The man at the top of the list sees the writing on the wall and hires Fortune to find out who murdered Venus before going to jail for a murder he had not committed. Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie start to poke into the complicated life of Venus in the hope of finding the murderer. And finding a solution to their first official case.