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She calls Lady Justice herself. And once she’s chosen a person as her objective, she transforms herself into a tall blonde or a rounded redhead, making herself as sexy and seductive to them as possible. They’re helpless once they’re in her hands.

The first victim is Nigel McEnroy, a rich businessman. The human resources department of his organization has already paid compensation to a few of his young victims-but they don’t understand his actions go far beyond harassment in the workplace. Lady Justice is mindful of that. And she makes him pay a much steeper price in one shocking night of violence.

Now, through the facts of McEnroy’s secret life, Eve Dallas and her husband, Roarke, are combing. His compulsive need to report his misdeeds gives them a wide range of suspects, but Lady Justice’s true identity remains elusive. It’s a difficult situation, made even harder by the widow of McEnroy, who responds with anger, denial, and threats to the investigation. Meanwhile, the crime crusade of Lady Justice is rapidly escalating, and if Eve can not hinder this vigilante, there is no hint of how much blood can be shed….