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Littleport, Maine, has always feels like two distinct cities: an optimal holiday resort for the rich, whose summer houses border the shoreline, and a straightforward harbor society for year-round inhabitants whose livelihoods depend on visitor transport. 

Typically, strong relationships between a local boy and a summer girl never grow-but that’s just what occurs to tourist Avery Greer and resident Sadie Loman from Littleport. The teenagers are inseparable every weekend for nearly a century-until Sadie is discovered murdered. While Avery can’t assist but think that there are those in the society, including a local detective and Sadie’s sibling, Parker, who condemn her, while the police declare the murder a suicide. Someone understands more than they say, and before the details get turned against her, Avery is focused on saving her identity. 

Another exciting novel by All the Missing Girls and The Perfect Stranger’s best-selling author, Megan Miranda’s The Last House Guest is a intelligent, twisty listener with a powerful woman protagonist determined to create her way around the globe.